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Privacy Policy - PoriPurno Host

Poripurno Host is ready to protect the data you provide and we collect the information on your concern. When you are going to use our services you are accepting the policy of Poripurno Host. The primary purpose of this privacy policy is informing you how we collect the data and use it for increasing the services of you. We are dedicated to protecting your data and ensuring the security of your services. At the same time, we will disclose all the aspects of data security, secure services and personal information for getting support.

1. Who we are:

Poripurno Host is a reliable hosting provider as well as domain registrars, cloud-based service provider, and offers related services. We are maintaining the latest tools and technology to maintain our services. On the other hand, we are trying to make the customer available for us. Similarly, we are trying to solve the technical needs of cloud solution from Poripurno Host.

Poripurno Host is maintaining US servers, and we provide the full security system for you. The pieces of information you provide are saved in our private server where has no access to others. When you are providing the information, you are the concern for your commitment. We are ensuring 100% secured system, and you will get complete rights to change or update the information from our servers.

2. What information we collect:

We maintain an excellent log to keep the data save, and we take the data which is only necessary to provide you with the better services. We take the information for making the purchases available for you and to give you complete rights to your online wealth. We collect the information and browsers data to make the process easier and to ensure you the best performance from us. With this in mind, we also use cookies to assure the process of your satisfaction. The below information is collected to make the deal accurate and handover you the rights.

a) Personal Information: When you are taking a service from Poripurno Host ii takes the essential information to make the purchase. For example, we are taking the name, email address, mobile number, present address, and payment history. You have to remember that we will make contact with you for informing the confirmation of the services. For this reason. it happens. On the other hand, the credit card or payment details are only for the billing process. It is the system which is provided by your credit card provider, and it is very secure and accurate. When you purchase anything, you will see the secure sign on the browser. That means on one are able to capture the data. It will be performed in the secure environment.

b) Cookies and Tracking: Internat Browsers are ready to store some cookies for increasing the functionality. This is a built-in facility, and it helps to recognize you when further visiting. For providing personalized functionality, it needs to store preferences and login information. Poripurno Host is also using the cookies to track your services and preferences to provide you information for promotion and your choices.

We use required cookies for functioning our website perfectly. On the other hand, we use the performance cookies to track the behavior and how we can improve the services for you. Similarly, we use functional cookies to know the choices of you and providing services like that. At the same time, advertising cookies are used to serve the information depending on your interests. Sometimes we can also use the third-party website on our promotion, but it is only to inform you the better services, but the policy of maintaining the security is the concern of them. For this reason, we always try to use the cookies for us to improve the browsing performance of you.

c) Customer Surveys: Sometimes, we launch customer surveys to make the community and services up to date. We like to hear from you and your experience to us. It has no other use. We just try to know about you. Similarly, we work to accept your condition and feedback cordially.

d) Social Media: We are social media friendly. As you want to know us from different social media too, so we are maintaining it. If you see any social icon on the widgets or anywhere of the website, it is only to increase to interact with you. Similarly, we try to make the process better. We are not using any social media cookies. It is the concern of your desired social media platform. They are ensuring the better logic in their services. So, we can confirm, but you should also check their policy.

e) Third Party Services and data Policy: When you are using any third party services from our websites or pages, it is not the duty to maintain their services. But they are surely keeping the great log. At the same time, we are using their name here only to provide you with better services. But they are the concern to ensure the data balance of you. Of course, we will not do anything which is not perfect for our reliable customers.

3. Information We Use:

Personal Information: We collect the personal information from you which is necessary to identify you from others. You are taking the services from us, and if you need to verify the product or if you forget anything, then we try to retrieve it depending on your information. With this in mind, it is really very necessary to perform with your need. At the same time, we deny accessing your data from unauthorized persons by this information.

Sometimes, Poripurno Host may use the information for promotional purposes which comes from email newsletter or subscription. We handle it very carefully with your needs. At the same time, we never do anything which is annoying for you. You will get the options to unsubscribe us at any time for over optimizing. Notably, you will get us on your sides at any time.

Log Files: We collect the IP information and browser functionality to ban the illegal behavior. On the other hand, we try to give you the better browsing experience. We keep the data in your reliable servers to deal with you with safety reasons.

Customer Surveys: When we collect our customer information by surveys, it is only for taking the loyal feedback from you. It helps to provide you with real experience for the next time. If you participate in the surveys only then we get the chances to interact with you for reliable feedback. Surely, it increases the updating process of you.

4. Disclosing The Information:

Partners and Sponsors: We work with some of the fellow leading partners or sponsors for providing you some awesome services. When you provide us feedback and if our any partners or sponsors are ready to fulfill your need then we may share the information of you. We only do it when they accept the conditions of us. We do not do anything which is the reasons for your security.

Service Providers: We use different services including payment gateway or servers maintaining tools. We are also liable to follow the rule of international cybersecurity law. Here you will get your services in reliable ways. That means we are doing it in a secure environment. No reputed company is not going to take the unavailability from us.

Online Advertisement: We can only promote our services with you when it is necessary, and you want to hear from us. Moreover, we are not sharing any information with the advertisers. In some cases, if any non-profit organization or human rights agency is influencing us to inform some useful event or terms, then we may show the advertisement. But it is only for performing or sharing the reasons to you for the betterment of the society.

Customer Surveys: We only share the customer survey among the Poripurno Host and our sister concern family. No one cannot take the data from us. We try to upgrade our every service depending on your feedback.

Domain Registration: When you register any domain from us, the data goes to Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (“ICANN”) and the alongside organization. People are not able to capture it. The information which is deal with Whois website or tool is not the reasons for us. It is default system of all the domain providers. Though you can also make it private from us if you think it is necessary. But we are liable to provide any information with ICANN and their accelerated parties.

Legal Reasons: If there has any reason where needs the information for the legal adviser or court issues. Then we have to provide the necessary information. Though it is only for some unavoidable cases. At the same time, if the government issues any cases to get the information, we need to give them data access of our customers.

5. Your options:

Correcting/Updating Personal Information: If any customers want to update the information and if they ‘re going to transfer anything they can do it at any time from their dashboard or they can also inform us by a support ticket. That means you can change any information from our record if you think it is necessary.

If you want to transfer a domain from us, You have to pay us $15 transfer fee.

6. Data Security

We ensure the data security provided by the users. We encourage the users to give the info as we process it on a secure environment. So, they have no way to lose anything. At the same time, they can get support from us for taking the information. On the other hand, we are ready to control the physical or unauthorized disclosure in our servers. So, you have nothing to lose or hassle.

7. Children

We have no issues on our website which is harmful to the children. We do advertisements or promotion by considering the age of 13. At the same time, here has no way to make an account with under 13. If you think you have provided anything like that we will, or you can delete the thing within one working day.

8. Reseller Relationships:

The above data is for all and here is some policy for the reseller holder on our company.

Information data or security: We may take care of the services from our reseller. We take it when our reseller requests us to make a solution or to delete information from the server. When a reseller think it is unnecessary or they are liable for that- then only we do it, and we take 30 business days to solve the issues.

Contact: If you take services from any reseller of us, please take support from him. Without the concern of the reseller, we can’t do anything from our servers. So, you have to ensure you are contacting with the third parties of us.

Data support: We provide all types of support for our reseller account. You do things by following the terms of our company. When you are taking any services, you should know the terms of us.

9. Changes to this Policy:

We keep the rights to change/update any information. When we bring any major update, or we will go to do anything which is not similar to the present terms, we will surely inform you by notice. Similarly, we encourage to check this page before taking any services from us.

10. Contact With Poripurno Host:

If you want to know more or if you fail to understand anything from the policy you can contact us. At the same time, you can ask us anything before taking the services from us.

Still, have questions in mind? Or want to get a call from us?


Just call us at +88 01716 988 953 or +88 01913 189 378 for getting free consultancy from our expert, or you can directly email us at We would be happy to answer you.

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